When I first saw the headline of a chicken wing shortage in Upstate New York at www.nyup.com my first thought was, "Well, acting like there's a wing shortage is a great way to sell more wings." It's simple economics, make something just a little more scarce and you can charge more for them. Think toilet paper at the start of the pandemic.

Apparently, that is not what is happening with chicken wings.

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I was at Nicky Ps today in Rotterdam picking up a pizza and they have a sign up that says due to the chicken wing shortage in Upstate New York they were raising their prices on their wings.

So, what's going on? What is causing this shortage? What can we do to help?

According to the article at www.nyup.com, it's been a steady increase in wholesale prices on wings for the restaurant industry. The actual cost to restaurants has gone up 40% to 50% over the last year.

So what's causing this shortage? Experts aren't 100% sure what's causing it. Some people think that the shortage has been caused by the coronavirus pandemic and fewer people going out to bars and restaurants ordering wings. Simple supply and demand economics.

Other people think that it's being caused by more people making wings at home with air fryers and they are buying up all the wings that usually would go to your local restaurants.

Others, like the National Chicken Council, point to bad winter weather and power outages in major poultry-producing states like Texas and Arkansas.

Whatever the reason this shortage is coming at a bad time when restaurants and bars are able to stay open later.

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