I love old homes. My wife and I bought and restored an 1899 victorian house in Indiana. It was a labor of love refinishing hardwood floors, taking down crumbling plaster, and replacing old knob and tube wiring.

While we were renovating our money pit I became a pretty big fan of "This Old House" I loved watching the old shows with Bob Vila and the newer shows with Kevin O'Conner and Steve Thomas. I got a subscription to the magazine....yes, I became a big fan and some might even say I got a little obsessed.

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While I was working on my old house I'd watch master carpenter Norm Abrams and Tom Silva on TV build beautiful fine details back into old houses that were stripped of them over a lifetime of owners and renovations. I would have loved to have their help turning my timeworn victorian into a beautiful show stopper.

Well, I might not have that opportunity but according to the Times Union, a family home in Saratoga Springs will have the entire "This Old House" crew renovating their 1864 Dutch Colonial.

The house is a sixth-generation Dutch Colonial that is owned by Susan Williamson, Evan Williamson, and his wife, Whitney. The plan is for Evan and Whitney to raise a family in the house once it's renovated.

"This Old House" is usually working on a few homes each season, so the stars of the show won't be at the house for the entire renovation. This Old House also hires a general contractor to partner with them for project homes and for the Williamson's home Whitbeck Construction in Saratoga will be on the job. The entire project includes replacing and updating wiring, HVAC updating, and using the latest products to update the home while still keeping the original 1864 charm. The crew is exp[ected to be filming on Clark Street in Saratoga through February 2022.

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