There is a new throwback doll that Is available through the American Girl Doll collection and she is right out of the 80s and totally rad. Check out the Courtney Moore doll. I grew up in the 80s and looking back, it was a pretty cool time to be a kid. Now the American Girl Doll company is capturing all that was the 80s for a little girl in their new Courtney Moore doll.

According to News Channel 13, Courtney Moore is the first throw-back or "historical" doll the company has released in over three years. There are a bunch of collections and different aspects of the 80s that American Girl has nailed to feature this doll from the 80s.

Like other kids that grew up during the 80s, Courtney comes with a ton of 80s themed apparel. My favorite is the Care Bear accessory collection. You can see that she comes with a Care Bear sleeping bag, which I also had, a lunch box,  Care Bear pajamas, and even Grumpy bear.

In other accessories, Courtney comes with a Walkman, and even playing a Pac-Man arcade game. American Girl also consulted the 80s music group, the Go-Gos to make sure they got her to look just right.

You can get the Courtney Collection starting on Friday, September 25th. You can also purchase the Courtney Moore doll and book for one hundred and ten dollars.

The Courtney collection will be available online starting on September 25. The Courtney doll and book retails for $110. There are a bunch of different collections available too.

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