Until we see Jets’ Rookie quarterback Zach Wilson in game action, I don’t care what happens in training camp because it simply does not matter.  As long as Wilson is picking up the system it does not matter if he’s flawless with every throw in practice.  The Jets as a team is a work in progress, so let’s not over analyze Wilson in training camp. None of it matters until he plays in a live game against another NFL opponent.  The report card is pretty good on Wilson in the preseason, but I won’t get caught up in the hype until he scrambles away from pressure in a preseason game or in week one, and makes a great throw or leads the Jets on a touchdown drive and completes a touchdown pass. It’s way too early to predict what kind of a season Wilson is going to have, but there is no way of knowing an answer based on training camp.

To here our short but sweet segment about Wilson from this morning, you can listen above but what I will say here is my partner, Eric Hannmann, is very excited about this defense. He is a Jets fan of course but with bringing in Robert Saleh and the mentality and demeanor he brings from a very successful 49ers defense, I get the appeal. Joe Douglas has built around Quinnen Williams on the D-Line with Carl Lawson and Sheldon Rankings among others. And to round out the front seven, CJ Mosley is back with the team hoping to meet the lofty expectations that were on him when signed that big deal 2 years ago. Time will tell on Zach Wilson, but I think we will know quickly how this defense will play. They won't quit and will look to take the will out of opposing quarterbacks and offenses!

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