The Travel Channel's newest paranormal series, "Destination Fear" stars Dakota Laden, Chelsea Laden, and Tanner Wiseman investigating some of the most haunted and paranormal sites around America.

They have visited haunted hotels, hospitals, prisons, and sanitariums. This season will feature one of our own Upstate's most haunted places, the Saratoga Homestead Sanitarium. On Saturday night's premiere episode of the Travel Channel's "Destination Fear," they will visit and investigate hauntings and paranormal activity at the Saratoga Homestead Sanitarium.

The former tuberculosis hospital and its caretaker's home have sat abandoned since 1973. In both buildings, doors are missing, windows are broken, fixtures have been stripped and walls are sprayed with graffiti by vandals who are drawn to its haunted lore. The roof of the 47,000-square-foot hospital has caved in, and its once stately brick façade is overgrown with vines.

For now, the Saratoga Homestead Sanitorium is capitalizing on its very creepy vibe and offering tours that are just perfect for this Halloween season. Tours are $35 and technically are photography tours so you can get really cool and creepy pictures of the old Sanitorium before it's renovated.


Don’t forget to tune into the Travel Channel this Saturday at 10PM! Destination Fear’s premiere episode where the crew...

Posted by Saratoga County Homestead on Monday, October 19, 2020


Here are some pictures from when the Saratoga Homestead Sanitarium was for sale. Just from these pictures, you can tell it's a really creepy place.

Sararoga Homestead Sanitarium

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