The Troy Farmers Market is moving from the Troy Atrium to a new location starting in December.

Back in April, the Troy Farmers Market was shut down due to the pandemic and because social distancing wasn't easily achieved in the Troy Atrium.

Now the outdoor Troy Farmers Market is almost over with just two weekends left. This weekend and next weekend, November 28th. Then the plan is to move the Troy Farmers Market to a new indoor location with more room.

So, coming sometime in December the Troy Farmers Market will move inside the former Price Chopper supermarket at 865 Second Ave. in Lansingburgh. That location has been closed and vacant since the grocery store closed at the end of February. The official opening weekend hasn't been released yet, but it's scheduled to run in its new location from December through April.

The reason for moving was a simple one. The Troy Atrium was a smaller space with narrow aisles that didn't allow people to socially distance. It also didn't allow enough room to keep distance between the vendors. The new location is all on one floor with plenty of space for everyone to spread out.

The Troy Farmers Market isn't the only one getting ready to move inside. The Schenectady Farmers Market moves inside the Proctors complex on Sunday, Dec. 6. The Saratoga Farmers Market has already moved inside to Wilton Mall.

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