Tuesday Morning the discount retailer made famous by offering home goods, small appliances, and gifts at a discount. The retailer started in Dallas, Texas in the mid-'70s as a kind of upscale flea market.

Their early advertising would tout, "It's Tuesday Morning, we might be open." The relaxed atmosphere and sporadic schedule meant that savvy shoppers had to be ready to get to the store whenever they opened to get the best deals. Although, most of their stores are open 7 days a week (outside of the coronavirus pandemic) some shoppers still think of them on Tuesday Morning as THE place to shop for a bargain.

Unfortunately, it looks like COVID-19 has delt Tuesday Morning a set back in the form of Chapter 11 bankruptcy and it plans on closing  230 of its 687 stores over the summer to focus on high-performing locations and will do so with a phased approach according to WNYT.

According to Business Insider, The Tuesday Morning location at Crossgates Commons, 161 Washington Avenue Extension, Albany, NY 12205 is on the chopping block as well as two other stores in New York and several in New Jersey.

Tuesday Morning joins a growing list of other retailers that have been hit hard by the coronavirus and are looking to close stores including, J. Crew, JC Penney, Neiman Marcus, Stage, and Macy's. One of the things that really hurt Tuesday Morning is that they don't have any kind of e-commerce. Their inventory is changing all the time so an online business model just doesn't make sense.

There's no word on exactly when the Tuesday Morning store at Crossgates Commons will close permanently, or if it will even reopen at all. Currently, the plan is to start closing stores on June 1st. Tuesday Morning temporarily closed all of its stores and furloughed most of its 9,000 employees in March.

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