One local business did everything they could to make one little boy's special day something he'll never forget.

Twin Bridges Waste and Recycling has made a local little boy very happy for his third birthday. It all started when when Jessica Zupan reached out to the company asking if there was anything with a logo on it that she could give to her son Brayden for his birthday. Apparently, Brayden is obsessed with garbage trucks and knew he'd love something from the one he sees collecting their garbage.

The business got the note and didn't just send something with a logo, they took it a step further. They reached back out and asked if they could stop by and meet Brayden when they were picking up the family's garbage. They wanted to stop and say hi since he loves the trucks so much.

John and Greg, two of the pick-up guys, stopped by the house and didn't just say hello to Brayden, they spent time with him. According to the Facebook post, "Not only did he get to talk to the guys, he sat in a truck, asked questions and they gave him birthday gifts too! He got his very own recycling garbage truck that they put their logo on (which Brayden always wanted a garbage truck “like ours”), a hat and a sweatshirt!"

The pictures are adorable and this is for sure a birthday that Brayden will never forget.

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