I've seen Wagyu beef on the menu at restaurants but I've never seen a big hulking piece of it like this inside an actual butcher shop.  How much would you be willing to pay for a succulent morsel world's best beef?

Upstate Butcher Boasts World's Best Beef! Will it Break the Bank?

I've been fascinated by the recent Japanese Wagyu beef craze even though I've never actually splurged for the super-expensive, highly sought-after cut of meat said to be so rich, marbly, and prized for its flavor profile that people are willing to pay 100s a pound of dollars for a relatively tiny, albeit tasty morsel.

Delicious - Beef!

The other day while doing my normal scroll through various local content, I saw the Facebook page for The Big Body Butcher, a local meathouse that
according to their website "supplies the capital district with the highest quality beef, pork, chicken, veal, and more!"

What's the deal with the  Wagyu, and how much does it cost?

This esteemed cut of meat is being sold exclusively at The Big Body Butcher on Central Avenue in Colonie.  Their ad was for a 5.98 lbs of A5+ BMS 12 Hokkaido Snow NY strip which the butcher classifies as "the highest grade in the world" followed by the price.

According to the post, for 6 pounds of the good stuff, it would normally cost you nearly $1500 which works out to be nearly $250 dollars a pound, but to make it more affordable, you can buy the whole strip for about half that price.


Photo: Big Body Butcher Facebook
A 6 lb piece of "some of the world's best beef" at the Big Body Butcher in Colonie can sell for $250 a pound!


If $250 a pound is too much, how about $125 a pound for prized Wagyu?

Here's what the ad looked like in the local butcher shop:

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