Anytime the "World's Largest" phrase gets attached to something in Upstate New York, it's usually worth checking out.

As they do every year, the people of Warrensburg are coming together to build a World's Largest event, aimed at bringing Upstate communities together and displaying the creativity that locals have to offer.

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Warrensburg's "World's Largest Garage Sale" Returns This Weekend

As reported in a story from WNYT Channel 13 in Albany, the Warrensburg Garage Sale is back in action this weekend, Friday September 30 through Sunday, October 2. The sale has been nicknamed the "World's Largest Garage Sale", and features dozens of local vendors selling antiques, collectibles and more.

The Warrensburg Garage Sale's official website states that it began in 1978, making this the 44th year of the sale in the town. Warrensburg is part of Warren County in the Capital Region, which also houses Glens Falls.

A number of people may already know that, but I'm still learning the area, so here we are.

Here is a video from the 2008 iteration of the "World's Largest" event:

The event has grown exponentially in scale over the years, to the point where in the present day, extra parking lots are set-up outside of the main garage sale area, and local school buses run to create a "shuttle service" for those who would rather ride to the area, than walk.

Lake George's official website shares a bit of information on the local food selections, saying there are street food vendors EVERYWHERE - selling everything from chicken wings, and BBQ ribs to gourmet chicken pitas and home baked goods. So, make sure you bring an empty trunk, and an empty stomach, in order to truly enjoy the festivities.

The event runs directly down Main Street in Warrensburg, and has off-shoots on Hudson Avenue, 4th Avenue and Elm Street. Here is a look at the map of the garage sale:

The garage sale begins at sun-up, and runs through sun-down, rain or shine. So, no matter when you're available to attend, head up the Northway and check out something that's truly world-renowned.

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