We've seen the acronym G.O.A.T. used in sports contexts a lot in years past. From Tom Brady, to Michael Jordan, to Wayne Gretzky and beyond, every sports fan loves talking about the Greatest of All Time.

Today, however, we'll be borrowing the acronym for a non-sports story. A local artist has created giants pieces of art on a farm in Schoharie County that might actually go down in history as the G.O.A.T.

If not the greatest, they'll at least be the biggest.

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Local Artist Unveils Giant Goat Sculptures at Upstate NY Farm

A report from WNYT Channel 13 in Albany, New York, told us that muralist John Cerney has unveiled his "Awe Goats" artwork at Beekman 1802 Farms in Sharon Springs, NY. The art lives up to the name, as the finished product rendered multiple giant baby goat statues, all of which now "graze" in the farm's fields for the foreseeable future.

Each statue is 18 feet tall, and has been called the largest in the world of its kind, according to WNYT. The artwork is meant to represent the power of something small, like a baby goat - or an act of Kindness, to have a profound impact on our own emotions and how we feel about the world.

Check out the video on Cerney's YouTube channel, showing the process that he went through to create these works of art:

As mentioned by WNYT, the murals were created as a means to raise money for historic Klinkhart Hall, also located in Sharon Springs. Opened in 1885 by George Klinkhart, the building is the last on Main Street not to be refurbished or repurposed, and the local residents are working to keep it that way.

The not-for-profit Klinkhart Hall Arts Center, Inc. was formed in 2016 to try to restore the building, and get it to a level where it can once again be the home of entertainment in Sharon Springs and Schoharie County as a whole.

It's somewhat unconventional, but the hope is that the G.O.A.T. goat murals will have a profound impact on this restoration goal.

Take a look below at a few different angles of the statue construction process.

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