Well this is a bummer. My wife and I love of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on Amazon Prime. If you have't watched it do...it's smart and very funny.

In the second season the family goes on vacation to a Upstate New York lakeside resort called “Steiner’s Resort” in the fictitious Pinewood, NY. The part of Steiner Resort was played by the very real Scott’s Family Resort at Oquage Lake Deposit, NY.

Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime

Scott Family Resort is like a time capsule of the 1940s and 50s when affluent families would flock to upstate lake resorts to spend the summer and relax.  The resort opened in 1968 and has been hosting families for summers almost every year since. This year it looks like they will be closed without much explanation why....hopefully it's only for this season and not permanently.  Here the message on their Facebook page.

It is listed for sale for a mere $6 Million if you've been thinking about buying a beautiful historic lakeside resort. Check out the listing HERE.

My family and I were thinking about spending a week there this summer because it looked like it would be like going back in time. Hopefully, we can do it next year.

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