I don't ice skate much anymore, but there was a time when I was younger that I used to love to ice skate.  My grandfather would build rinks in his backyard for his kids to skate on. He usually "built" a frame out of the piled-up snow and then set up a sprinkler to fill it up and slowly build up layers of smooth ice. He even built his own homemade Zamboni to surface the ice. After doing this for years he eventually moved to the lakefront property and started surfacing the lake ice for us to skate on.

If you're looking for something of a little more professional-style skating rink, June Farms has a deal for you.

June Farms is well known in the Hudson Valley for its walking tours. They host weddings, rent cabins, and have lots of seasonal agritainment. I took my family there last spring for a tour of the farm and just thought it was a really cool place. You have to check out the "shaggy" cows.

Last year in the winter they had an ice rink set up and this year they are doing ice skating on their pond. So they are selling their huge, pretty professional looking ice rink. So if you're looking to buy an ice rink....and let's be honest, who isn't? Here's your chance to get one at a pretty good discount.

June Farms
June Farms

You can find the ad in Facebook Marketplace HERE.

If you do end up buying it please invite me over....I haven't fallen on the ice in a long time.

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