My wife and I have always loved lighthouses. When we went on our honeymoon we stayed in a little town on Lake Michigan and there was this awesome red lighthouse. We've traveled all over the country looking for cool lighthouses to tour. We've even looked into staying at one but never have. Well, now we might have to consider buying one....well maybe's a little out of my price range and the commute to Albany would be a nightmare.

There is an actual, functorial lighthouse on Lake Ontario that is for sale right now for less than $1 million. It's been beautifully restored and sits on 1.5 acres with a sandy beach. The lighthouse is still in service and maintained by the Coast Guard, but it's all automated and LED now so you don't have to do anything except enjoy its charm.

Braddock Point Lighthouse

If you're interested in buying the Braddock Point Lighthouse you can check out the listing here or if you just want to book a stay you can find out information at

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