Cops get a bad rap most of the time. I have a few friends that are police officers and I can tell you they didn't just become officers to catch the bad guys or boss people around or even just to enforce laws. Most became cops to help people.

Lots of police officers help people each and every day and we don't hear about those situations unless they see so above and beyond. Like the NYC cop that gave a homeless man his shoes a few years ago, or another police officer that bought Christmas presents for a family that was struggling during the holidays.

Well, here a local hero going above and beyond the line of duty to help someone.  Deputy Dale Quesnel, a Washington County K9 Handler, and Deputy went above and beyond during a routine traffic stop on Halloween.

Deputy Quesnel pulled over Jeanette Porter for speeding and asked her where she was going in such a hurry. She told him that she was rushing to get to a local food pantry to get food and maybe diapers for her nieces. The food pantry was handing them out for free and she didn't want to miss out. She even told the deputy that she probably deserved a ticket because she was speeding.

Well, Deputy Quesnel, didn't give her a ticket but instead asked her to follow him to the local Dollar General where he bought the diapers she was rushing to get from the food pantry.

In the article at New 10 Jeanett Porter said, "Thank you, Deputy Dale, for being so nice, generous, and compassionate. This act of kindness shocked me I couldn’t believe that a cop would go above and beyond for my family.”

Good job Deputy Dale....the world needs more people like you.

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