Every single day, families are moving into the Capital Region.

The benefits of living in the Albany metropolitan area are countless. You can easily access New York City, Boston, Buffalo or even Canada, opening the door to endless adventures. In both the capital city and the cities that surround it, you can find stable employment, safe housing, and some of the best schools around.

We know that people are moving to this area constantly, but what we didn't know, was where all of them are coming from. That is, until now.

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The website Stacker compiles data on a number of everyday topics, and uses the data to create rankings and lists that are helpful for families and citizens across the country. This time around, they found data detailing the previous homes of people who relocated to Albany from 2015 to 2019, and ranked the ten metropolitan areas that were sending people to the Capital Region most.

Some of the previous destinations are fairly intuitive, like New York City to the south, and Glens Falls to the north. Some other areas are a bit less obvious, and may surprise you as you read through the list.

The biggest takeaway from this list for me was this: Albany, New York has benefits for people who are moving out of any kind of situation. The different types of jobs, unique living areas and strong school systems make the Capital Region desirable for people of all ages and family statuses.

With that said, here are the ten locations where people are moving from most to get to Albany, New York. Which one surprised you the most?

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