As the minutes ticked away in 2021, and the East Coast prepared to celebrate the New Year, things were getting a bit too spicy at a local Taco Bell franchise.

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Albany Man Arrested at a North Greenbush Taco Bell

In an attempt to create the newest version of the "Florida man" meme, an Albany man was arrested in Colonie after an altercation with a co-worker at a Taco Bell franchise in North Greenbush. The incident occurred on New Year's Eve 2021, according to the report filed by WNYT News Channel 13.

Taco Bell in North Greenbush, NY (Google Maps)
Taco Bell in North Greenbush, NY (Google Maps)

As reported by NYT, here is what transpired between the two sides..

"Police say Tryze Miller grabbed the 180-degree hot sauce, after missing with the furniture. He's accused of splashing it on his coworker, causing burns." - WNYT

Miller was arrested in Colonie later that evening.

It's unclear what exactly set off the altercation between Miller and his co-worker, but one can only imagine what would've caused a reaction leading to the throwing of both furniture, and scalding hot sauce.

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Taco Bell drive-thru (Getty Images)

Statistically speaking, New Year's Eve is one of the holidays most associated with high crime rates. With the alcohol flowing, emotions can run high, and if they boil over, issues can arise.

Though it's not mentioned in the report, it does not appear that alcohol was involved in the crime that took place at Taco Bell. That being said, when the clock approaches midnight on New Year's Eve, after a long night of feeding the drunken members of your community, one can imagine patience may wear a bit thin from time to time.

Taco Bell To Hand Out Free Tacos And Donate Funds To Childhood Hunger Campaign
A Taco Bell franchise (Getty Images)

As for this story, it's fair to say that this one is wrapped up.

Possibly even...crunch-wrapped.

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