When my family and I moved to Upstate New York everyone from our realtor to neighbors to co-workers...even total strangers would tell us, "Just wait until the burst of colors from fall leaves. It's so beautiful."

I'm starting to get it now. The colors changing on my drive in to Q1057 from the Averill Park area has changed from it's greens and browns to bursts of red, yellow, orange and some even purple. It's a very spectacular fall show, but I've heard that the best is yet to come. According to www.nyup.com this weekend in the Adirondacks are near peak time and closer to the Catskills they leaves are more in their mid-range.

There's even this handy graphic from www.iloveny.com that shows what area just starting to change and what areas are in their peak stage of color.


Being new to the area we're always looking for recommendations so if you know of the perfect place to go this weekend let me know in the comments below.

So, if you see a family in a Jeep with outta state plates headed north with the top down and smiles on their faces...it might just be us on our first leaf-peeping expedition.


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