When I think of where people move to retire I think of warm weather spots like Florida or Arizona, not Albany, New York. According to a new study, the Capital Region is one of the top ten places people are moving to retire.

So, my first thought is, "What the hell is wrong with these people that they want to live out their golden years in Albany?" Not that Albany is a bad place to live, but half the year we have feet of snow on the ground, our taxes are high and there isn't a beach in sight.

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According to the article in the Times Union, a lot of the top ten places people are moving to retire aren't your typical warm weather traditional retirement spots. Some of the cities in the top ten are Travers City Michigan, Portland Maine, Springfield Mass, and Hartford Connecticut. Albany falls at number nine on the list because of our median home price.... which is going up in a hurry as people leave the city...in comparison to living in the city, the Capital Region is a bargain. Plus, we have the amenities of a big city with the beauty of the mountains and lakes.

To me, it makes more sense than Albany is more of a snowbird kind of city. Retirees live here during the summer and the beautiful fall than spend the winter months down south. That's more of a traditional retirement, but either way, it's nice to see Albany get recognized for the great city it is.


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