Sports: they're a beautiful thing.

Think about it for a moment. It's a warm, summer evening in Queens. It's just after 7PM, and the New York Mets have taken the field at Citi Field. Thousands of fans, clad in blue and orange, dot the stands, creating a spectrum of color that blends together for the viewing audience at home to take in.

The grass is a bright shade of green, offset by the brown of the dirt, and the white of the foul lines. Up above, the sun has almost set completely, leaving the sky painted a unique color of red, signifying a "sailor's delight" in the morning.

Colorado Rockies v New York Mets
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Not bad, right?

All across the world, sports fans are lucky enough to behold some of the most amazing visual spectacles you'll find anywhere on Earth.

Joe Pompliano, the creator of Huddle Up and a former associate at J.P. Morgan, sorted through those spectacles, and created a list of the 50 most beautiful sports venues in the world, which he published on his Twitter page.

As it turns out, New York has a few representatives on that list, with a total of three spots in the Empire State cracking the list of the 50 most beautiful in the world.

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No. 13 - "The Ground", Manhattan, New York City, NY

Though soccer doesn't have as large of a following in the United States as it does nationwide, there are still a few soccer pitches in the States that are considered hidden gems.

Located in Chinatown, near Madison Street and by an area that was once referred to as Mechanics Alley, lies "The Ground", which sits atop a roof of a building, and is big enough for most three-on-three soccer matches.

No. 20 - Michie Stadium, West Point, New York

Next up, a location that's considered a bit more "mainstream" for sports fans. The picturesque, and patriotic, Michie Stadium makes the list, as well.

Here in the Capital Region, we know exactly the kind of beauty that nature creates in Upstate New York. The cadets at Army West Point know that as well, and their historic football stadium stands out amidst the trees that surround the campus.

No. 30 - Brooklyn Bridge Park, Brooklyn, NY

As you move inland past the soccer pitches, the entire park is a beauty to behold. Pompliano's picture, however, gets the city skyline in the background, making the park itself feel much more isolated and unique.

There are countless more sports venues that many consider picturesque gems in the Empire State. Which venue stands above the rest in your mind?

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