Who knew that the star of Tiger King 2 was popped right here in the Capital Region?

While this isn't necessarily "new" news, many people in the Capital Region (myself included) may have zero about this, and it might come in handy if you plan on binge-watching Tiger King 2 on Netflix over the holiday weekend.

This is a strange tale that started in Indiana, ended up on Netflix, and somehow got to Upstate New York.  Here's how:

Photo: YouTube
Photo: YouTube

Who is Tim Stark?

Tim Stark played only a small role in the original Tiger King series that the world watched during the midst of the pandemic.  But Stark played a much more significant role in the latest season of Tiger King 2,  appearing as one of the main characters.

The new season centers mostly around the original Tiger King main attraction Joe Exotic, and even though he's locked up in prison, the circus around him continues to dazzle with Stark basically the show's new villain.

What's his character like on the show?

3 things you need to know about Tim Stark:  He used to own a super-shady "wildlife sanctuary," he partnered with another seedy character Jeff Lowe to open up a zoo, and he has one helluva temper. This guy will absolutely lose his sh*t if anyone gives him a hard time, but the only one losing now is Stark.

Stark's non-profit animal sanctuary called Wildlife in Need is under heavy legal scrutiny for the alleged mistreatment of animals, charges that Stark continues to fight this day.  But as a result, it was ruled by an Indiana judge that he can never own or exhibit animals again.

According to a report from Distractify.com, "Workers claimed that Wildlife in Need's animals were often parched, starved, and kept in inadequate cages...His workers alleged that this was because the majority of the animals were killed or died and never got the chance to be set free."

Why was he arrested in the Capital Region?

Back in October, it was reported that Stark was in the area of Granville, New York after he allegedly attempted to flee the state of Indiana where he had warrants out for his arrest.

The NY Post says that Stark was showing off some of the exotic animals from his sanctuary and someone, somehow linked him back to the Capital Region.

“They realized there were warrants out for this guy and he was on the run,” Granville Sgt. Ryan Pedone said according to the Post.

According to the report, "Stark was wanted on a charge of criminal contempt, as well as for intimidation and battery in connection to an incident in which he threatened a public official who was searching his sanctuary."

Where is Tim Stark now?

He's a long way from Granville, NY I can tell you that.

According to Distractify.com, Stark appeared unstable in some Facebook content he was posting and as a result, "he was temporarily taken into custody, and his license to carry handguns was also suspended. On Oct. 12, 2021, Stark was summoned to court to explain why he was auctioning off what was left of Wildlife in Need. He failed to show up."

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