A colleague of mine told me she was inside one of the many Capital Region businesses supporting K9 Sergeant Joe Iachetta and the place, a marketing and sign business in Clifton Park, was mobbed.
Iachetta, the 30-year-old husband and father was severely injured on Monday morning when his car collided with a tractor-trailer.  While Iachetta courageously battles for his life at Albany Medical Center, the community's support has been growing.

MovinAds Marketing and Signs, a Clifton Park marketing and sign business has been giving away free bumper stickers that read, "Iachetta Strong- You Got This Joe" and people are responding.  Nobody is shocked by this, it's what we do. The Capital Region always comes together when a tragic situation like this arises.  We invest physically, emotionally, and philanthropically because we care.

A few days had gone by since the latest update from family, but on Sunday we learned a little more from Sara, the wife of Joe.  On their GoFundMe page - which has donations totaling over $115,000 dollars - Sara explained that while he's not technically awake, he is showing some positive signs.

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"Last night while we FaceTimed he was able to give us a thumbs up and move his toes," Sara wrote.  She then added, "today he was doing the same along with bigger movement with his arms and legs. I also got the (Peace) sign today which is great because he is responding to commands. I am still being told he is not what they call awake."

Iachetta's family, friends, law enforcement brothers and sisters and the community know that the road to recovery is going to be a long one and his wife, optimistic and hopeful, shared his latest prognosis. "Today," she wrote,  "We received the MRI results....and (the injury) looked less severe than (they) thought which is promising for his recovery!"

Iachetta has a multitude of other injuries he sustained in the terrible crash a week ago, but doctors are focusing their attention on his brain functions at this time.  "The primary goal this week," she wrote, "has been to monitor his brain pressure and keep him stable and comfortable."

Has the community support helped boost spirits and morale?  You bet it has.  And there's been no shortage of Capital Region kindness.  "All the prayers and positive thoughts are working so please keep them coming our way!" Sara added.

We will.

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