The New York Yankees have to do whatever is in their power to sign Aaron Judge to a contract extension by no later than this week.  He is the quintessential Yankee.  He carries himself very well off of the field and when healthy, produces great numbers at the plate and is an excellent defensive right fielder.  I'm just not sure as to what the differences are for Judge and the Yankees.  According to multiple sources, Brian Cashman and the Yankees are preparing to offer Judge a new contact offer this week at some point.  However, talk is cheap and I want to see something get done so the Capital Region and their loyal and dedicated Yankee fans can be happy.  Here is my quick take on this from the Times Union:

The Yankees have no choice but to give Aaron Judge a new contract before opening day. He deserves it and the fans deserve it. Judge is without question the face of the franchise, and considering the Yankees didn’t exactly overspend this offseason, they should throw a few more millions at Judge and lock him up long term. Yankees could use a positive headline before the season gets underway against the rival Red Sox.

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MJ and I had a discussion on the Yankees and Aaron Judge earlier this morning as we both agreed that the Yankees new to sign him and now.  Below is our full conversation.

I still believe the Mets are going to be the better New York team this season, but if the Yankees sign Judge, it will bring back in many of the frustrated Yankee fans.  I am optimistic that a deal will get done by this week.

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