The small town of Woodstock is getting featured in a national magazine.

Anytime the Hudson Valley gets national recognition is a reason to celebrate. Whether it's a major award, celebrities moving here, or a feature, it's always cool to see. Woodstock, in Ulster County, is now getting a feature in Rolling Stone magazine. Well, not the town itself. Two recording studios in Woodstock have been featured in Rolling Stone magazine.

The studios featured in Rolling Stone are Dreamland and Allaire. According to Rolling Stone, Dreamland recording studio is actually inside an old church that was built in 1896. The studio is run by Jerry Marotta who has worked with some of the biggest names in rock music. Allaire recording studio overlooks the New York City water reservoir atop the Catskill mountains. This is run by Randall Wallace, who bought the property in 2001.

According to Dreamland's website, they've had alternative musicians like The National, Mayday Parade, Fleet Foxes, Brand New, The Bravery, Yeasayer, and more record at their studios. They have also worked some classic artists like The B52s, The Rolling Stones, and 10,000 Maniacs. On Allaire's Facebook, they say their studio has hosted artists like David Bowie and Norah Jones.

These two Woodstock studios being featured in Rolling Stone magazine was part of their Can-Am series. In this series, Rolling Stone has joined with Can-Am to take an epic road trip that tells the story of artists, venues, and recording studios. Who knows if the Hudson Valley will make it on the list again!

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