We all love garage sales. I am sure some people hate to admit that, but it is true. Get lost over the span of a few days at the Worlds Largest Garage Sale coming in just weeks.

One of my absolute favorite things about a garage sale is that you go there with absolutely no clue what you're going to walk away with. Maybe it is nothing, and even so it is fun. Then again, maybe you walk away with the score of the century. I know for me a few years back I found a very specific item that would cost hundreds. I got it for $3. The person had zero clue what they were selling.

So find some gems at the Worlds Largest Garage Sale happening October 5th and 6th in Warrensburg. 500 plus vendors will be on hand with a slew of different items up for sale.

More info is here from Only in Your State. 

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