Schitt's Creek, the show about a wealthy family that lost everything and had to go live in a motel in the fictional town of Schitt's Creek has been a huge success. It pretty much swept the Emmys winning every category it was nominated in.

One of the most iconic landmarks on the Netflix show is the Rosebud Motel that the family must endure and eventually love during the show's six seasons. The motel is as much as a character as Johnny Rose or Moria.

Well, the motel that was used for the exterior filming of Schitt's Creek is going up for sale very soon. The current owner, Jesse Tipping, was planning on selling the roadside motel earlier in the year, but the coronavirus pandemic put his plans on hold.


Now, before you just think this is just some junky little motel that is only famous for Schitt's Creek listen to what else this little Canadian motel has been used for. It was used in the James Franco time travel TV series 11.22.63, it's a location in the low-budget horror film "A History of Violence" and it's in the upcoming season of "The Umbrella Academy". It was also quietly rented out as an Airbnb for a few years and served as the residence of two NBA basketball players, Jamal Murray, of the Denver Nuggets, lived there for two years — so did Miami Heat training camp invitee Kyle Alexander.

The motel is listed in the "filming location" database in Hollywood so I would expect to see more of this hotel used in film and TV shows in the future. But for fans of the hit show Schitt's Creek, it will always be The Rosebud Motel.


The Ontario property was once a functioning motel before it gained fame in 'Schitt's Creek' as the Rosebud Motel!

Posted by Johnny Mansfield Real Estate Inc. on Wednesday, September 30, 2020


No word on the asking price yet, but as soon as I see the official listing on I'll update the story.

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