Albany, New York has tens of thousands of residents, and the Capital Region as a whole has many more.

With a large population, comes the need for a lot of jobs. There are endless employment options in the Capital Region, from office jobs, to retail, to labor and beyond. Not everyone can have a different job, however, and when it comes to people in Albany, they're working these jobs more than most.

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The website Stacker compiles data on a number of lifestyle topics, and creates rankings based on the data that was collected. In this case, Stacker found data on the amount of employees working in a given position, and ranked the most common jobs being worked in Albany, New York right now.

As one might have expected, the types of jobs range drastically. The positions in the Top 10 include the medical field, the food service industry, retail, labor and much more. The jobs range in salary, but no matter what, are the most popular in Albany, New York, according to the amount of locals who are working the jobs right now.

Positions that just missed the cut of the Top 10 included maintenance workers, long-road truckers, accountants and receptionists.

Now, to the Top 10. Here are the ten jobs that Albany residents are working most right now, and data on how many employees there are, the average salary that those in the Capital Region could expect to make, should they get hired.

Which jobs surprised you the most?

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