Even the most mature adults love an opportunity to embrace nostalgia, and be a kid again. The legendary restaurant chain, McDonald's, recently released a product that encouraged adults to embrace their inner child. They were available for a limited time, and industrious consumers were quick to snatch them up.

Naturally, some of them made their way onto eBay to be sold again, and some of the asking prices are simply staggering.

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McDonald's "Adult Happy Meals" Go for Insane Prices in Upstate NY and Beyond

A story began going viral on social media, and was later picked up by news outlets including MarketWatch, detailing the fascinating trend of McDonald's Adult Happy Meals on online retailers like eBay.

The "Adult Happy Meals" were announced on September 27th, and were first sold on October 3, 2022. The meals came with either a Big Mac or a ten-piece order of Chicken McNuggets, along with fries and a drink.

The limited-time menu item was announced on the McDonald's Instagram:

In addition to the snacks that come inside the classic Happy Meal box (with a fresh design on the exterior), customers received a toy in the box as well. The toy included was either Grimace, Hamburglar and Birdie, or a new character, Cactus Buddy, in honor of the Cactus Plant Flea Market brand.

The nostalgia of a Happy Meal drove hungry adults to McDonald's restaurants in droves, and the chain ran out of supplies in short order. Because of the demand, the Happy Meal boxes and toys became collector's items.

The prices have gone through the roof online, with one Happy Meal kit selling for $300,000!

They're still available online, and specifically, near the Capital Region. So, I went onto eBay, and typed in an Albany, NY ZIP code (12084). I set the search radius to 100 miles, and looked for the most expensive Happy Meal items currently for-sale within reasonable driving distance from the Capital Region.

Check out what's still available, and the exorbitant prices you'd be asked to pay.

See Crazy Online Prices in Upstate NY for McDonald's "Adult Happy Meal"

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