Matthew Baumgartner, owner of multiple establishments throughout the Capital Region (Wolff's Biergarten and The Old English Pub to name a few) may appear a bit shy and reserved if you were to ever meet him.  He is, however, quite visible and vociferous on his various social media platforms and not afraid to put himself out there in regards to things that affect his business or his life.  Unfairly criticize him and he'll fire back.  Tell him he's a genius for all of the successes he's had here locally and more than likely he'll deflect the attention towards his hard working staff or blame it on dumb luck.  Either way, Baumgartner is hard to ignore and he seemingly always has a story to tell. Today he'll tell his latest story to a nationwide audience as a virtual guest on the Kelly Clarkson Show.

For the past few years, he's worked his tail off creating a very cool experience for guests at his most recent venture; June Farms in West Sand Lake.  June Farms is described as "a small, gentleman’s farm located on 120 acres in New York’s beautiful Hudson Valley."   The animals are adorable and tours inside the farm are very popular.  People love to see the pigs, goats, chickens, cows, horses and ducks. It also features a restaurant, bar and incredible views perfect for private parties and weddings

Most recognizable on the farm lately - besides Matt- have been his two pigs that have garnered a ton of attention over the last few weeks.  People magazine, the CBS Evening News and LIVE with Kelly and Ryan have all done stories about the fire in the pig barn that could have taken the lives of one of his pregnant pigs had it not been for a woman watching "Swine Cam" on the June Farms livestream.

Since that story went viral, sadly it was learned that the two pigs Lucy and Ethel, are no longer pregnant.  It was heartbreaking news for Baumgartner to share as well as the housands of people excited for the birth of their piglets on the farm.

As much as Baumgartner puts himself out there, he often does so with a level of self deprecating humor as evident by this Tweet from a few days ago stating that he taped a segment for the Kelly Clarkson Show which I'm looking forward to checking out later this afternoon.

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