At Least 3 Capital Region Schools Close Over Possible Tik Tok Scare

School administrators throughout the Capital Region have spent the last few days sorting through details and evidence in regards to the national Tik Tok threat of school gun violence posted on the social media platform this week.  After speaking with local law enforcement, many schools sent notes home to parents assuring them that their children are safe, but schools in the Capital Region seem to have differing views on what action to take.  (GNA Spoke with a Saratoga County Deputy; Hear What He Has to Say Below)

According to News 10 ABC, at least three schools in the Capital Region will not open on Friday.  Those schools are:

  • Averill Park CSD
    The Averill Park Central School District will be closed after they received a threat from an unknown person or persons directed toward the District. Police are currently investigating the threat.
  • Galway CSD
    The Galway Central School District is closed after a school official found a door propped open. They are investigating the incident now and an investigation is underway with police on the scene.
  • Whitehall CSD
    The Whitehall Central School District will shift to remote learning after police investigate a possible threatening comment made by a student. It was determined that no threat was made but Whitehall CSD still made the decision to shift to remote learning for the day.

GNA Spoke with a Saratoga County Deputy; Hear What He Has to Say

GNA Spoke to Saratoga County Deputy Ken Cooper on Friday morning who told us that while sheriffs in his county don't think it's unsafe for kids to go to school, he completely understands people's concerns.  He told GNA that Saratoga County sheriffs are upping their patrol around all the schools in their area, and won't rest until the final bus pulls away later this afternoon.

Listen to the entire interview here:

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