A herd of 75 bison that escaped a farm in Sharon, NY are roaming throughout rural upstate and wreaking havoc on farms.  The herd escaped last Thursday and folks in pockets of areas in Schoharie County have reported sightings of groups of the large, powerful and at times unpredictable animals. Those trying to bring in the bison seem baffled and befuddled by the bearded beasts, making the capture quite the burden.

According to the Times Union, Brian Grubb is the owner of the farm that operates and raises bison in Sharon, NY.  Grubb, according to the Times Union, is fearful that people may be trying to chase the bison off and as a result, a herd that would normally travel in a pack together, has now become somewhat scattered, making the round-up that much more difficult for authorities in Schoharie County to corral.

According to the report, the D.E.C. is somewhat baffled as how to round up such a large force of beasts and are in the process of 'brainstorming' and has reached out to the Department of Agriculture.


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