News 10's Steve Caporizzo (Cap for short) is a flat-out treasure here in the Capital Region.  He's been on TV in the area for over 30 years, deserving of all the the praise he gets for weather coverage and pet adoption.  Not overlooked in any of this, by me anyway, is his fantastic head of hair.  The legendary meteorologist took to social media over the weekend showcasing his wild pandemic hair and it was glorious. As much as we've seen Cap on TV over the years, you've never seen him look like this.

Mounds and mounds of silky white locks pile high into the sky.  In fact, Cap's overgrown mane is literally the cumulonimbus cloud of hair.  If Cap's hair were a dog, it would be a Samoyed.  If Cap's head were a dessert, it would be a giant slice of decadent coconut cream pie.  If during this pandemic, Cap's hair was a weather event, it would be the great March blizzard of Albany in 1993. 

Some new outlets claim their news coverage is the "most reliable and the most dependable" but I can't think of anything more reliable or dependable than the coverage Cap gets from the hair on his head.

In it's normal state, his snow white shag is the envy of follically-challenged men like myself everywhere. Cap's hair in it's pandemic state, which he claims hasn't been cut in 4 months, it simply is a sight to behold.

He claimed on Twitter that he's going to be cutting it next week, but I really wish he wouldn't. If it were my mane, I would keep that Nor'east-hair as far away from clippers as possible.

Photo taken after 3 months, no haircut. It looks like Ace Ventura, Pet Detective
Photo taken after 3 months, no haircut. It looks like Ace Ventura, Pet Detective
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