A few months ago, Crossgates Mall announced that Lucky Strike was going away but that they already had an idea for what would fill the space. Now, we have more details about what we can expect.

Lucky Strike started as a place that had a restaurant, multiple bowling lanes, a bar, and an arcade. Slowly, the arcade changed to an electronic shooting range and recently, we found out that the business was closing. No worries, though, Crossgates Mall had a plan and already has something in mind with Apex Entertainment that brings more to that space than before.

Crossgates Mall sent out a press release late last week about what we can expect toward the end of the year. With Apex Entertainment comes bowling, mini golf, Albany-themed laser tag, sports simulators, an arcade, a tavern, and the area's only bumper cars.

I know the space is big but I can't imagine how they plan to fit all of this. Representatives from Crossgates Mall and Apex Entertainment have commented that they plan to revamp the entire space to bring more than any type of venue like it. I assume they'll be keeping at least some of the already standing bowling lanes but no word yet on if Jupiter Hall will stay standing or if Crossgates will focus more concerts on Skyloft upstairs. We'll just have to wait a few months and see for ourselves!

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