At this point of the pandemic I think it's fair to ask the Governor - or anyone willing to listen-  why haven't our two local casinos, Rivers and Saratoga Casino, reopened?  Other casinos in New York and throughout the Northeast have been open for over a month and we all know someone who made the trip safely out to Turning Stone, Foxwoods or Mohegan Sun.  My parents have been to TS a few times and they say that while the protocols in place took a little getting used, they felt safe every time they've gone. And I believe them.

Why can't we follow their model here in Schenectady in Saratoga?  It doesn't make any sense.  You can actually make the argument that many Capital Region  gamblers have gone out to Turning Stone or Mohegan, followed the proper protocols and have already mentally prepared for the changes that they'd be asked to make here.

Does our Governor not trust us?  I think we've proven that we aren't stupid or dumb and that given proper guidelines, we will follow the King's mandates.  Gamblers wants and needs aside, what about all the employees of Rivers and Saratoga Casino that are currently out of work;  the future of their employment hanging in the balance?  It's incredibly unfair to them, and must be frustrating as hell seeing most people go back to back while they have been largely ignored.

This morning at 11 am,  New York casino workers will be holding a rally at the Capitol in Albany with hopes of being seen -  or at the very least heard - by New York State officials that may be able to get in Cuomo's ear. Maybe it's just me, but there seems to a stubbornness about the Governor's mandates that he's unwilling to back off from.

There are plenty of things during this pandemic that certainly make sense.  I'm a firm believer that you should wear a mask, you should social distance when possible and that common sense is the easiest way to prevent the spread.  But how is being inside a casino put you more at risk than say, being inside the mall, or Walmart?

I've heard from people who have gone out to Turning Stone and they've told me that the place is spotless and that people are super respectful and employees are helpful.  If Turning Stone can do it, why can't Rivers.

Governor Cuomo needs to fold when it comes to his mandates on our local casinos.  It's a losing hand.

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