In the show, Guy Fieri goes to local restaurants (not chains) to feature them on his show "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Drives." For an upcoming episode, he picked one not too far away!

Earlier this year, Guy Fieri went to the North End's Butch + Babe restaurant in Burlington, Vermont. If you're unfamiliar with the restaurant, they're a "New American eatery [that] matches inventive comfort fare with Asian flavors in roomy, stylish digs."

The restaurant was closed for a few days to accommodate Fieri and the Food Network crew and finally, we have a date as to when we can watch the episode.

MyNBC5 reported that the first-ever restaurant featured on the show from Vermont will be on Friday, December 27th's show. The episode will be called "Creative Creations" and North End's Butch + Babe will feature the elote dog.

If you check out their menu, the elote dog is described as "nitty gritty cornmeal, smoked onion, jalapeno magic sauce, cotija cheese (gluten free)." So for $7 and a quick drive to Burlington, you can experience the delicious food that they decided to give to Guy Fieri.

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