Downtown Albany is getting a little bit of a face-lift with an $80 million project.

According to cbs 6 Albany, a Schenectady-based group named Redburn Development announced that they are going to be investing the millions into downtown Albany.  They are going to developing different business and retail spaces, and apartments.  CBS 6 Albany posted about the apartments, as they actually got a tour of what one will look like (you can check it out here).

Regarding the apartments, they are noted to be affordable to people who want to live in the downtown area.  What that means, well who knows. 'Affordable' is a relative term.  However, they are set to be completed in October, and if you're interested you can get more info here.  Over the past few years there's been lots of money going into redeveloping areas of the Capital Region.  What are your thoughts?  Where would you want to see the money go?

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