Imagine going on vacation with your family and then settling in on your new confines only to discover a giant rattlesnake trapped under a tote. How quickly would your vacation be over?

This happened to a family while vacationing recently in Warren County. I don't know that it cut their vacation short, but it surely had them rattled for a while.

If this sounds like something straight out of Samuel L. Jackson's movie, you'd be right. Except this wasn't a snake on mutha****** plane, this was a giant Timber Rattlesnake trapped in a tote up in mutha***** Hague!

According to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, ECO LaPoint showed up at a residence in the town of Hague, Warren County, and took care of the rattler after vacationers spotted the sizable sergeant "outside trapped under a tote."


The rattlesnake was safely removed and will be released at a location where it can survive and thrive.

According to the DEC website, their venom "can be fatal to humans if the bite is untreated."

However, the DEC states that in New York there hasn't been a human death due to the Timber Rattlesnake in quite some time, and typically they don't attack humans unless they're provoked.

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