On Thursday, the Saratoga Springs Police Department released details of the charges filed against the two brothers responsible for what many are calling a senseless killing.

Jordan Garafalo, 38, and James Garafalo,  27, both from Saratoga Springs, have been charged with Manslaughter in the First Degree “B” felony.

"Based upon the change in circumstances, a medical examination of Mr. French, and further investigation, both Jordan and James Garafalo were additionally charged with Manslaughter in the First Degree." - Saratoga Springs Police said on their Facebook page.
According to NY Law, manslaughter in the first degree is a class B violent felony, punishable by a minimum prison sentence of five years and a maximum of 25 years.
Photo: Mark French Facebook
Photo: Mark French Facebook
The deadly assault on Mark French Saturday night on Caroline Street has left family members and friends grieving the loss of a well-liked man who was simply enjoying the best of what Saratoga Springs had to offer with his son.  French, a pancreatic cancer survivor, and retired corrections officer won money at the track earlier in the day and celebrated by having a nice meal at Clancy's Tavern.  Things took an unthinkable turn for the worse at around 11 PM when he and his son were ready to take an Uber home, calling it a night.

That's when, according to sources, French's son Nick was allegedly sucker-punched in the back of the head, and French went to help his boy out.  He too was struck in the back of the head.

One of his best friends, Kevin Gordon told the Times Union that, “He fell down so hard, he hit his head on the pavement and went into full cardiac arrest,”

“When he went to Albany Med, they put him on life support...He didn’t have a chance. He never came out of it. It’s senseless, just senseless,” he told the TU.

Friends and Family React to Deadly Assault on Mark French 

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