How many times have you said, "Man, it would be great to know all the locations around town where the police set up their speed traps so I don't get a tickets." Now, I drive a lifted Jeep that will barely go 50 MPH before it feels like it's going to shake itself I don't do a lot of speeding. Maybe this will help you though.

Well, one brilliant Reddit poster that goes by the name Oxyomic has answered our prayers. He apparently drives a lot around the Capital Region and has started noting where all the common places for speed traps are. Then he transferred those locations to a Google Map. It even has little descriptions of the speed traps, which way the cops face and what times they are more likely to be there. Like I said....brilliant!

Oh course we're not encouraging you to speed, but if you might want to slow down in these areas.


Here's the link to the Google Map.

So, where else have you seen speed traps? Let us know in the comments.

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