Hey, it's Cameron! So maybe you heard that John Mellencamp (Cougar to his friends) is coming to Albany next year. He'll be at The Palace on June 13th for his “Live and In Person 2023 Tour.” Tickets go on sale this Friday on Ticketmaster's site and at The Palace box office. If you love 80s music like I do, I know it's going on your must-see list.

Now, The Breeze has gotten our hands on five pairs of tickets. To avoid any awkwardness of you buying tickets with your hard-earned money and then winning them, I think the best course of action is to give them away before you can even get the chance to buy them.

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Listen in to Cameron in the Morning every day this week for the Mellencamp Mystery Melody – I'll play one of John's biggest hits at some point 6-10a. When you hear it, call the studio at 518-476-1039. If you're caller 10, I'll set you up with a pair and you can clear a spot on your calendar with a few hundred days to spare.

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If you want to know identity of the Mellencamp Mystery Melody and get a heads up a few minutes before I play it, download the 103.9 The Breeze app. I'll send a notification each morning to pop up on your lock screen with all the pertinent info. Good luck, keep it Breezy, and see you in the morning!

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