Typically, adults have it easier when it comes to back-to-school time. It’s a lot easier for me to get excited for apple season, fall colors, and the return of my sweater collection when I don’t have to feel the keen sting of going back to school. With this year’s inflation, parents might be dreading a new school year even more than their kids.

The coupon company RetailMeNot surveyed parents about the rising cost of back-to-school and found that 40% are stressed about the money they’ll spend. Now a Capital Region mall is trying a different approach to relieve the worry – they want you to sing for your supplies.

Colonie Karaoke


This Saturday, Colonie Center is throwing a new school year karaoke party from noon until 2p in the Center Court. For those that may get a little microphone shy, there’s a pretty big incentive to take the stage: all karaoke singers get a $25 gift card to a retailer in the mall. (Think about if a bar did that on karaoke night! Bedlam and chaos.)

UpstateNYer via Wikimedia Commons
UpstateNYer via Wikimedia Commons

If that’s still not enough to overcome your stage fright, the first 100 people there will get free school supplies, gift cards, and coupons in a Colonie Center tote bag. They will also raffle off tickets to Disney’s Encanto: The Sing-Along Film Concert at SPAC on the 24th and give away a gift basket with a Ukulele from Hilton Music and gift cards to J. Crew, Nordstrom Rack, Famous Footwear, H&M, and L.L. Bean.

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