With a new school year starting this month at most colleges across New York, it’s time for summer drinks at the lake to turn into tailgating and house parties. For anyone keeping score, Niche has released their official 2022 rankings of the state's top collegiate party scenes.

Upstate makes a big showing this year, with lots of parties ranging from the shores of Lake Ontario to the Capital Region, all the way to the North Country. New York’s number one party school also cracks the United States’ top ten, but you'll have to scroll through to see which one.

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Note to Parents: Remember, if you’re looking at this to see if your kid is neglecting their studies, there are Ivy League schools on this list. Do NOT call them and then blame this article. You can party and study, after all. (Though don't do both at once. Bringing a textbook to a party will get you looks.)

New York's 15 Biggest Party Schools Ranked For 2022

This ranking comes from the US college aggregate website Niche. Started in 2002, Niche provides comprehensive reviews and information for colleges on pretty much anything you’d want to search. They used student reviews and other data to pull this together, so we’re standing by it. Now let’s get this party started!

Gallery Credit: Cameron Coats

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