Right now I know everyone's focus is on whether or not we're even going to have in-person learning this year. As we wait for Governor Cuomo to make his announcement of guidelines for reopening New York schools. It might be a good time to start looking at school supplies. Whether you're a teacher or student, if you're remote learning or going into the building every day you're still going to need the basics for back to school. Like paper, pens, folders, and a backpack. This sale might actually be more aimed at teachers or families that have more than one school-age child because a lot of the items come in multiples of four or five.....or a few are like 12.

Amazon is having a "secret" 20% off sale on their Amazon Basic back to school items. Quite frankly I don't know how much of a secret it is since it's on their website, but it's kinda hidden. Here are a few of the great deals to help you get ready for school this year. Oh, and before you ask I haven't seen any masks, face shields, or hand sanitizer listed in the sale.

To see the other great deals for teachers and students check out the Amazon back-to-school sale.

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