I'm not a huge gardener, but my wife has a green thumb and loves to plan a garden, start seeds, and tending to the plants. When it comes to gardening she tells me where to dig the holes. That's about all I'm good for. Well, that and the fact that I'm building an upcycled greenhouse made from old windows.

Steve King Townsquare Media
Steve King Townsquare Media

Now, before you get all judgy it's not done yet and it hasn't been painted and the glass cleaned. I think it's going to be pretty cool once it's done. My wife is really excited about it. She's always wanted a real greenhouse and now she...almost...has one.

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I didn't really get a lot of experience as a kid doing any gardening. That's why I thought it was really cool that Lowes is offering a free family gardening kit every Thursday for the month of April. It's part of their SpringFest Celebration.

The kits feature gardening supplies like seeds and saplings and also kits to build a butterfly garden and recipes for your homegrown garden bounty.

  • April 8: Garden-to-Go kit sponsored by Miracle-Gro with exclusive recipes from professional cook and food stylist Amanda Frederickson.
  • April 15: Lowe’s Mystery Garden Piñata with mystery seed packets.
  • April 22: 500,000 tree saplings given out in honor of Earth Day.
  • April 29: Lowe’s Butterfly Quest  It helps families create a butterfly garden.

Only one kit per family, per week, while supplies last.

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