A report from the Times Union says that Grandma's Pies, the iconic Colonie restaurant and pie shop, may have served up it's last slice of down home goodness on Sunday.  Sad news for the longstanding restaurant that many people here in the Capital Region have a strong nostalgic connection to.

Steve Barnes from the Times Union wrote a an article claiming that the owner of Grandma's Pies, Alex Morales, said the restaurant served it's customers on Sunday, August 9th.  The reason, according to the Times Union, was the “coronavirus."

I'll admit that I haven't eaten at Grandma's in quite a few years, but the last time I ate there, it was everything I remembered it to be; homey, quaint, comfortable, and really really good.

When we were kids, the holidays were incomplete unless there was a pie from Grandma. Blueberry, Dutch Apple or Cherry, you were never too stuffed from your meal to turn down a rich, buttery, savory, sweet slice of Grandma's Pie.

As of Tuesday, Grandma's website and Facebook pages were both inoperable and attempts to click on them only delivers an 'error' message.

Grandma's Pies and Restaurant was opened up back in 1976 and the Times Union noted that for Thanksgiving they would do about 10,000 pies.

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