Spring really got going in May with some pretty warm weather. So warm in fact, Albany hit a weather benchmark for the first time in 60 years.

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Let's face it. The month of May can be a lot like March here in the Capital Region. The scene above of a beautiful summer-like day can be a rare one. While not to the extremes of "In like a lion, out like a lamb," the month of May can a be a mixed bag of warm and cool weather here in Upstate New York Heck, we can even get snow!

That said, we usually do not start feeling real summer-like heat until at least mid-June usually, which is why May 22 was a truly unique month here in the Capital Region.

An occasional May 90 degree is something we have seen from time to time, but the number of times we hit that mark this May is something we have not seen in more than half a century.

How Many Days in May DId Albany Hit 90 Degrees?

According to a Facebook post from the National Weather Service, for the first time since May of 1962, we hit the 90-degree mark on 3 separate days in May 2022. May, 21st, May 22nd, and today, May 31st, temps of 90 or above were measured at Albany Airport!

Does this mean we will have a hot summer ahead? Only time will tell, but we are definitely off to a hot start. And it anything, it has been great getting to enjoy the outdoors early and often this spring.

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