Saratoga Springs, NY is one of the most popular cities in New York during the summer months.

People travel from all over, both in-state and over state lines, to visit "the Spa" once the weather gets warm. The area is notorious for attracting celebrities, who will often hit the road to spend a day at Saratoga Race Course, and may eve check out some the surrounding area after the day's races have concluded.

This time around, it was a legendary former New York Yankee who made the trip up the Northway to Saratoga, and one keen restaurant patron was able to document the visit before he left.

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New York Yankees' Legend Spotted at Popular Saratoga Springs Restaurant

Popular local content creators Two Buttons Deep shared a post to their Instagram account featuring a prominent former New York Yankee visiting a popular Saratoga Springs restaurant and bar.

Take a look at the post below:

Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you: that's Alex Rodriguez at The Merc, located at 430 Broadway in Saratoga. The post was added to their Instagram account at roughly 8:00PM on Thursday, which could mean that A-Rod could've been in town as recently as yesterday.

No indication was given as to why A-Rod was in Saratoga, but given that there were races happening at Saratoga Race Course yesterday, it's safe to assume that he was in attendance.

If you haven't visited The Merc before, here is where you can find it in downtown Saratoga:

It's especially cool to see A-Rod in Saratoga given how much of a legend he became while playing for the New York Yankees. Rodriguez spent 22 seasons in the big leagues, 12 of which were spent in The Bronx. He hit 351 of his 696 career home runs as a Yankee, and retired with New York following the 2016 season.

Rodriguez was on the ballot for the Baseball Hall of Fame for the second time in 2023. He received 35.7% of the votes, falling short of the 75% needed for induction.

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There is still over a month remaining in the 2023 meet at Saratoga Race Course, which leaves us wondering who will be spotted in our area next!

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