This pandemic has not been an easy one to handle, particularly for event and music venues.  And one local spot in Albany is up for sale.

The Fuze Box is up for sale.  According to what I read on the Times Union, the building- full of musical history- is listed at $244,900 (in case you're interested).  Pre-Fuze Box days, the building of course was burger joint White Tower.  Then it even became a music spot QE2, which the Times wrote about, hosting some major rock bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers on their way up.

In recent times, in my experience, the Fuze box has been a host to throwback decade dance parties and Albany's own gothic-industrial scene night with Exhumanity.  Hosting events for all different groups, the Fuze Box is somewhat like a home to the 'motley' crews of Albany.  So what'll happen when it gets sold?  We'll see, but I'm hoping it doesn't really change.  You can read more about the history of the building and venue, and what people had to say about it, at Spotlight News.

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