A local pizzeria in West Sand Lake, described by its owner as a little pizzeria with big dreams,  announced on Wednesday that it will close its doors on October 18th.

Steve Barnes from the Times Union reported the news on Wednesday after a Facebook post by the owners of AJ's Pizzeria in West Sand Lake revealed in a heavy- hearted post that they were no longer able to stay open.

AJ's Pizzeria has been a mainstay in West Sand Lake for over 30 years,  and the current owners had it for 7 years.  It's final day of operation will be on October 18th.

Their emotional Facebook post thanked patrons for their support over the years and explained that while staying in business was never easy, they did everything they could to improve on the establishment.  Kyle and the staff sadly said their goodbyes while explaining more in a message posted on their Facebook page:

"Every item we could make from scratch, we did. We created dinners to go, garbage bread Sundays, and a variety of specials. We renovated the interior, paved the parking lot, and added a bar with exciting and unique beer. We tried to innovate at every turn. We’re just a little pizzeria, but we had big dreams for this place."

The staff at AJ's said in the post that they hoped to sell the business and added that anyone interested may contact them with "serious inquiries only" through email: AJsPizzeriaNY@gmail.com.

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