Spiderman, Spiderman

The 518 has a Spiderman

Look around, with your eyes

On a lamp-post or building side

Look out, for 518 Spiderman

I'll be honest, this dude running around the Capital Region dressed as Spidey had me confused for weeks.  I haven't seen him personally, only in pictures, but I didn't think he was a real person because he's so darn spidey-like and some of his poses looked impossible for a mortal.   I actually thought it was a photo of a cutout that people were just strategically placing all over the Capital Region.  Anyway, I couldn't have been more wrong.  518 Spider-Man is a a real dude and everything from his his costume to his reason for doing it is on point.


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Hey, it’s your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man!! #spiderman #518spidey #518 #schenectady

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In a story featured on News 10 ABC, they took a bit of a deeper dive into Ben Bohl, the 20-year-old seen clinging to the sides of area buildings, lamp posts, and anything else he can climb onto dressed as the great Marvel superhero.  Bohl told News 10 ABC that he started off dressing as Spider-Man at kids parties but it's morphed into something a little bigger as more and more people are requesting photo ops with him if they see him on the streets of the Capital Region.

Bohl, according to the story, is from Schenectady and he says he does it spread "joy, kindness and positivity."

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